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TopLine Dash Alerts is a notification program for Act! (versions 2006-2018) Windows or Web. TopLine Dash Alerts monitors activities and opportunities in your Act! database and sends customized email notifications or reports. TopLine Alerts is designed to be installed on the server where Act! resides, but will also work on an individual workstation. Only one license of TopLine Dash Alerts is needed to alert every user in the master database. TopLine Alerts automates the report process, saving you time and administrative resources. TopLine Dash Alerts is a bundle package of TopLine Dash Manager and TopLine Alerts Professional. When installed on the server, TopLine Dash Alerts can automatically send email alerts and TopLine Dash reports in Excel or PDF format.

Instant conditional alerts

  • Be reminded of your selected critical activities.
  • Improve communications with team alerts.
  • Never miss an opportunity.

Customized notifications

  • Choose the activities and opportunities that are important to you.
  • Determine the content and define the conditions of your notifications.

Automated reports

  • Receive and share important dashboard reports without a click.
  • Schedule once and you’re done.
  • Guarantee on-time delivery of your reports.
  • Spend more time selling, less time reporting!

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